The Family Office

You may have already seen this space on my Instagram awhile back, but I thought I would share here too. This space used to be an oversized pass through of sorts and our computer resided on our kitchen table after I realized having the office in the guest room didn't function for our family. With the kiddos getting older and homework on a computer becoming a necessity it was time to come up with a more permanent solution.  My goal was to create a space that was not bank breaking, but would still have longevity. So we sold our buffet piece to a friend and in came two desks, a filing cabinet we have had for years, and the chairs move from here to the dining space when we need them. I wanted to keep is simple and clean like the rest of our home especially since it can be seen from every living space. This space serves us well. It even acted as a sort of school room for my boy. He's had health issues since January and we ended the school year mostly doing school from home. Having it in a central location also means as parents we can monitor whats going on. Having an 11 year old boy in a big world full of temptations means it's never too early to monitor screen time closely. I have enjoyed editing our home over the last couple of years into a space that really functions for the family. 

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desk | filing cabinet | chairs | chalkboard | lamp {scott's in Atlanta}