Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I had grand ole' plans for this little hall bath when moving in. Paint, fun tile, pedestal sink, new mirror and lights. Let's not forget my idea of covering the off center built in. Now that we have lived here for a bit and after looking at all our to do list I'm thinking this little space may be put on the back burner. Technically it's not THAT bad. Well it is, but I wonder with a few smaller changes if it can be brought back to life. You can see a couple of images down where I actually added a few things that we had around the house to the shelf and I can confidently say I don't hate it. Maybe a good paint job, a deep scrubbing on the grout and new mirror plus lights may help this little bath along. Of course that may lead to a new counter, sink, and faucet, but the actual vanity has good lines so at least there is that. Who knew such a small bath could give me such a run for my money?

I think once I nail down the mirror it will help with the whole direction of the bath. Now just to bite the bullet. Any favorites?