A Few Steps Forward

When we first walked through the house this was the part we instantly knew would need the most work. It was really dark and didn't feel at all welcoming. The glued down industrial ceilings, the dark paneling, heavily draped windows, etc made the back half of the house feel beyond dated and most definitely not a space we would want to hang out in. I knew from the beginning that the bones were good and with little money the space could be transformed and have the same modern feel as the front of the house. The Mr had major doubts, but trusted me. Fast forward to new drywall ceilings, many coats of Sherwin Williams Alabaster, removing the heavy curtains, new lighting and what we now have is a space for people to hang. It opens up to the backyard and once the pollen dies down a bit I can only imagine the get togethers that will be had in this space. Oh, and once a tv goes up on the wall to the left it will make for a mighty fine spot for football watching from the outside patio. I'm giddy just thinking about it!

Next on the never ending list is to finish out the "mud room" behind the fireplace. I bought the hooks so step one is complete. Ha.

You can see the before here and one day there may be a true after.

chalkboard | sideboard found locally{similar} | lamp bought at scott's antique market | black shade | art from West Elm maybe a year ago {similar} | kids chairs {these are cute too} | metal light fixtures |