The master is a great size and feels HUGE compared to our rental. For reference our king size bed fits between the two windows with some room to spare. It's close to the kids rooms but with a bathroom buffer between both ellie and KJ's rooms so it still feels private. It has a large walk in closet and small master bath. Eventually we will reconfigure this some. Our initial idea is to extend the shower all the way across losing the shelves which we don't need. We may move into the closet some too to gain more sink space. For now we are living with it as is to see how we need/want it to function. Plus we need to save up some more in order to do it right. For now it's great though. The tile is a good color and you can see the only damage that's in the corner. It also has a pocket door which was always part of my child hood dreams. Ha. Next week I'll share our progress thus far. We had 2 weeks to do a light reno before moving in. It was chaos, but oh so worth it!