One thing that we adored about this home was that the bedrooms were separated from the main living yet still on the same level. We love to host, but on school nights it can be tricky when it comes to bed time. The hall to the bedrooms may be my favorite with the fun doors and windows that overlook the back yard. The navy and white room is Ellie's and the huge room is KJ's. Not 100% fair but the boy has A LOT of legos that need storing. What you can't see is that there is a huge closet in the hall with the windows that we will make into a space for ellie and all her toys/books. It will be a sort of hide out which she is all about. The bathroom is a great size and is last on our list to update since its in such great shape and is so clean. Can I tell you how excited I am to have a bath tub again? It's so deep and even has nifty little railings to help me get in and out ;) Anyone know if these can be removed without a lot of tile damage?