New Floors in the Kitchen

Earlier this week I mentioned that our washer leaked and popped up the majority of the tiles in the kitchen. Pair that with our prior refrigerator leak and well the whole floor came up without effort. We needed a DIY and inexpensive solution till we are ready to re-do the whole kitchen. We finally landed on these tiles and I am rather pleased with the way it all turned out. It took us maybe 24 hours over the course of a couple days to lay it. It was rather simple except in the space below. SO MANY WEIRD CUTS! ahhh. I did revamp our kitchen the first time with the old green floors in mind so now the kitchen reads so much more serious which took me a few days to get used to. Although I can say sitting and walking on this floor is a lot less gross. No matter how much I tried to clean the old floors they never actually felt clean. For now I am highly content even though at first I just wanted to push the kitchen remodel up and do it NOW, but the Mr kindly reminded me it was not in the budget also with how much we host during this season if we had any hold up it could become a nightmare. So here are our new floors that only took some sweat equity and a few hundred dollars. Not too shabby. 

Biggest change may be this vent though. The original one was partly broken and it took me 10 months to finally change it out. This fixer upper is filled with so many tiny projects that you would think would be easy to check off the giant list yet they remain undone.

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