This weekend was filled with the unexpected. Our washer had a leak and caused the tiles in our kitchen to pop up. Sort of a good and bad thing all in one. Good because, well, no more really old green floor that I could not get clean to save my life. Bad because we are not ready for a full kitchen reno which was when we were planning on actually worrying about it. So we needed a quick and inexpensive solution to hold us over for the next year or two. Let me tell you this is no easy fete especially when you know what you really want the space to be, but can't afford it as of yet. Boo. We did end up finding a solution that was just perfect for our needs. Yes, I will be sharing more later this week. The whole flooring mess did mean we had to put off our camping trip, but we made the best of it and camped in the backyard. We had the best time. I read a new chapter book that they are both enjoying and just chatted till they drifted off. These are the moments I hope to treasure forever even when there are bumps in the road that tend to try to de-rail us. 

 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. - Luke 12:34