THRIVE {a marketplace}

Ever come across something and you just can't help but want to be apart of it? That's how I felt when I came across Thrive,  a new marketplace that focuses on supplying natural and organic products at wholesale prices. I placed my first order right before Christmas and thought there was no way I would get it that same week due to postal craziness, but alas it arrived in perfect condition the day after Christmas. Gluten makes me sicker than sick and I try to eat as "clean" as possible due to my not so stellar health. I would say I am about 75% paleo most days and go through seasons of being 100%. I try to supply the kids with as many healthy options as I can to offset some of the other junk they eat. As for the Mr he eats what he wants. Well Thrive makes that so easy. It's kind of like Costco meets Whole Foods {their words not mine}.

Above are a few things I try to keep the pantry stocked with for cooking, cleaning, everyday life. Some days I find myself having to go multiple stores to get products for decent deals or I find different stores stock different things. I do wish I could shop at Whole Foods for everything, but we simply don't live in that price bracket. Shop hopping then leads me to growing weary and then grabbing whatever product or a product at a higher price just for time/energy sake. That's where Thrive has made the world of difference...

They not only provide natural and organic products, but they even break them up in categories if you have a certain diet or need. It has also made me aware of products I have never even heard of like Epic bars. They are amazing! I eat one for breakfast and grab one when I am on the go. So far the Bison cranberry bar is my favorite, but I will warn you that it kind of looks like dog food. Ha. They even have a category for babies which is superb, but I have no need for that now. The only problem I can see thus far is they seem to be out of stock on quite a few items as of today. Time will tell to see how quickly things get replenished, I am just hoping I was just online during a busy shopping time.


* After reading this I realized I may sound like they asked me to be spokesperson, but alas I am not. I truly believe in what they created. I am a huge believer in what we put in our bodies and how that can affect us. I did ask to become an affiliate of theirs though after I realized that this is a company I want to cheer for. As you know blogging takes much time and offsetting that time with a very small income allows me to have a space that I can dedicate my energy to. Plus this mama wants to finish this house of ours. HA.