Maybe it's this old house and my cold bones, but I have a craving for the warmth of wood tones. Well technically that is nothing new. We have furnished this house in so much raw wood that I border on line of having "too much" and have to add in layers to keep it feeling like a wood shop. HA. Here are a few favorites that I would love to add...

1. This cake stand would take any dessert up a notch, but I could also see it used on the counter to hold all my oils, salts, and such.

2. This frame, oh my, it would be perfect to hold one of my many instagram pics.

3. I love the detailing on this boot. The coloring looks ever so perfect too.

4. This kitchen had me at hello.

5. This mobile would be ever so nice over a crib, but I would hang it in out tv room without batting an eye.

6. Once all my "musts" are bought for this house I think this wall lamp needs to make its way into our kitchen!

7. One of my personal favorites in decorating is to add in little trinkets here and there for interest. These pyramids would do the trick. I could see one on a pile of books, on a mantel by a pair of candle sticks, or maybe even used as a paperweight in the office.

8. As soon as I saw this console my heart swooned. I can not tell you hard I am trying to make it fit into our home.

9. My very own personal tool set all in one? This I would hide away all to my self.