A Simple DIY & Another Home Depot Challenge

Today I am over on the Home Depot Apron blogsharing my next challenge, DIY outdoor games! I must say this challenge was REALLY quite the challenge since when we shot the DIY we were still living out of suitcases, hopping house to house. Our old home flooded and our new home was not ready for us. It was fun none the less and I am sure our game will bring us joy and sweet memories years to come. One of the biggest challenges though was not having any of my "styling" goodies with me. Everything was packed away and some stuff ruined. I knew the game itself needed "more" for the photographs. Yes, we did have a fun get together, but let's be honest the pictures need to look good too. HA. That is where a simple and inexpensive DIY picnic blanket came into play.

TWOELLIE.HOMEDEPOT.7.1.14 (73 of 91).jpg

I bought a 5x5 dropcloth from Home Depot and picked Martha Stewart Terra Rosa as my stripe color. The best part of using the drop cloth is that it is lightly lined with plastic on the underside so as in this case dew can not seep through.

TWOELLIE.HOMEDEPOT.7.1.14 (12 of 91).jpg
TWOELLIE.HOMEDEPOT.7.1.14 (14 of 91).jpg
TWOELLIE.HOMEDEPOT.7.1.14 (13 of 91).jpg

We used a small roller to first make the stripes. I used the fold lines as a guide. KJ then followed with a foam brush to fill in the missed spots. I did not want the stripes to be perfect, but to mimic one of my long time favorite tablecloths that is way out of budget.

TWOELLIE.HOMEDEPOT.7.1.14 (37 of 91).jpg

So simple really, but we have used it often since the original shoot.

Hope you will visit my Home Depot challenge! It was tons of fun.