This little lady turns 9 today! I can't believe it honestly. She is the kindest, most loving, and strongest Jesus lover I know. This year she wanted a small party/sleep over with a few of her closest friends. I can not tell you how happy I am to see her do life with such a sweet group of girls. They are the way I believe all girls should be... uplifting to each other and always full of giggles.

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 This is by far the simplest party I have ever thrown. Not only was the decor simple, but at this age I realized I did not need a dozen activities set up for them. They made friendship bracelets, put on shows with glow sticks, and simply let their imaginations go wild. It was such a joy watching them all. KJ was a good sport mostly and gave up his room upstairs so the girls could have it all to themselves. Here are a few before the party photos. I am also so grateful for Oh Joy for Target  who most definitely came through on party supplies. They are as fun as can be.

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The Mr made the cakes again this year. He took a cue from all the naked wedding cakes we have seen and made it a bit more fun for our color loving girl.

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The week was really was all about Ellie. She spent the week at horse camp. At the end the girls put on a drill team show that took my breath away. I may have been the mama that cried, but that surprises no one. She hung with all the older girls like a champ and the routine was magnificent. Then on Saturday she a fun horse show and she came away with a couple ribbons. I really am just so proud of this girl...

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