Our New House {the kitchen before's}

Technically these before pics have no place on my blog. They are semi awful, but I personally love seeing before and afters. HA. I did a walk through with our friend, the owner of this rental, and she was so excited that we are going to bring it back to life. The 30 something year old boy/men renters called this place the frat house and treated it that way too. Sad really. Without further adu, here is the kitchen...

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (1 of 4) copy.jpg

I have a love hate relationship with this kitchen already. What I love is the real wood, what I believe to be original, cabinets. The light in the space is amazing. The crown mouldings, original doors and windows make my heart sing even if they have been painted shut.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (2 of 4) copy.jpg

This piece alone will be such a beauty once I'm done with her. This also is the only decent storage in the house.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (3 of 4) copy.jpg

Here is from the back door in. Beyond is the dining room {can you see that moulding!}  and the door to the left leads to what will be a den of sorts. Now to what I am thinking... We are obviously painting the walls and the cabinets. I am changing the hardware and faucet. We get a new fridge, thank goodness. The lighting will be changed too. Currently I am thinking we will keep the counters. They are in decent shape and just need a good scrubbing and I am trying to keep the budget super tight, but we will see. i do think a butcher block would be kind of amazing.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (4 of 4) copy.jpg

This lovely spot in the floor is quite soft and we are having it checked. More than likely we are having the tiles replaced. They are are simply grosser than gross.

Where I would love some help... I have to make all painting decisions like now. The walls are going white. That I know. I want to make this place look bright. Now the cabinet style, although I love it has me stumped. My first thought is to do a slightly off white {like farrow and ball shaded white} cabinet to keep it from looking sterile. The other thought is to do a slightly darker color maybe a taupe or light gray. I really want to keep in style with the 1930's home, but make it fresh. I am having a hard time finding inspiration. Any thoughts?