Our New House {the den + stair's before}

In the new house {rental} we actually have a den and I'm thrilled. Although I do love our current homes open floor plan I also love the idea of separate spaces made with actual walls. The Mr and I keep on going back and forth whether to make this a movie room or just a place where I tuck away art supplies and a few lego bins and keep it more of a cozy creative space. I have a feeling our TV will go back and forth the first week before we make a permanent decision.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (1 of 5).jpg

I took these pictures late in the day and the darkest room in the house still has the most beautiful light. The floors are wavy, but ever so stunning.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (2 of 5).jpg

I'm standing at the back windows here. To the right is the kitchen, straight ahead are the scary stairs that go to the kids room and an additional bath. To the left it wraps around again to the front of the house which also has a bath, and two bedrooms.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (3 of 5).jpg

The railings must be removed in order to get furniture up and down the stairs. HA. Oh, and don't you love the so called frat house carpet? GAG. It's being changed before we move in.

TWOELLIE.BEFOREIMAGES.7.9.14 (5 of 5).jpg

Here's looking down at two of the goofiest kids. This area will be simple. We are going to have the whole space painted out in a white just like the rest of the house I am sure and change the lighting as good sales hit. This ceiling will be scraped and painted and I am hoping that will ease some of the scariness {the upstairs is the only place with the lovely popcorn ceilings}. Of course new carpet is a must and I would love to do a sisal, but I still have to price that out. It may not be the best use of our limited budget. Jenny's DIY version may be worth a try too, but I wonder how well it will hold up with the little's. I think this runner could be a fun graphic choice and I love that's it's also good for outdoors. Then maybe paint the small upper railing a fun kelly green or yellow. As for the den I still want to use this original plan. I think it's fun and will liven this place up!

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