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This is NOT me just incase you all got confused. HA. I am hoping to be able to do that one day though! I just started taking TRX and I am hooked! It is hard, harder than hard really. I have muscles hurting that I had no idea even existed. I LOVE it though! I want to be strong and know this will get me there quickly. Well, actually I thought I was strong, I can move a sofa by myself, but apparently I am weak so very weak that I can barely get my own bottom off the floor. Alas I still have high hopes for myself!!! Here is a little sample video I found that demonstrates a bit of it. I take it at a local gym, but may even buy my own set for days the classes aren't offered or when we are on vacation. If I used them regularly I could see it being a sound investment. Who knew I would ever actually LIKE working out?