A Gift, Gardening, and Making my Heart Sing

When RedEnvelope contacted me asking if I minded if they sent me a gift from their Mother's Day line I was pretty giddy. Who doesn't like a gift especially one celebrating my love for being a mother? I had no idea what to expect, but when I received the big red box I immediately felt special. The gloves were beyond amazing too. Couldn't have come at a better time. We spent the weekend in the yard re-sodding, prepping beds, and trimming the limelights. I even ventured beyond the fence and pulled the never dying briar patch and the gloves protected my hands fully. Yay for no pain! HA. I hope to be able to share a whole new LUSH yard transformation in the coming weeks. This has been a dream of ours for years and the Mr worked so hard trying to make it come true for me. I ended up ordering my mother some just because and am having a pair sent to her house. I thought she would get a kick out of receiving a little happy and I know she will feel fancy gardening. She has a green thumb like no other. I will share her flower beds once they are ready. They are beautiful to say the least! Oh, and I am 99% sure she never reads my blog. Here's to hoping! A huge thank you to RedEnvelope for such a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Gardening is my happy time and when the kiddos get in the action my heart truly sings. Cheesy? YES, but ever so true none the less!

A few more things I have my eye one...

garden tote | gardening apron | wooden serving bowl | plus utensils | the most amazing wreath