I am a magazine addict. They are a sort of refuge for me. The moments when I want my mind to go slightly numb and not have to think too hard and yet just enjoy the moment. Lately though every magazine I pick up I find myself taking a quick gander then throwing it into the recycling pile. At one point I thought I was getting tired of magazines, but I think I am tired of designs that are hard to relate to. Designs that make me want to ask who the designer is. To me good design looks like the homeowner what ever that may look like. For me it would have things I love and have picked up along the way. A more collected space that is not too pristine and every nick makes it better. It is a design that focus on not only beauty, but comfort first and fore most. Granted there have been a few magazines that I have poured over and homes that I have loved, but not many that I want to save for later viewing. Well, that is until I saw Patrick Dempsey's home in the most recent issue of Architectural Digest. I poured and poured over it, honestly I can't wait to pour over it some more. I think it's completely stunning, but not in the I can't really live in you with my kids and their friends kind of way. It is doable design and with the right amount of search could be done on a not so glamorous budget. I could see my kids jumping from sofa to sofa. I can see movie nights being had. I can see things spilling and it being okay. Plus that garden? Oh my.

What kind of design do you love seeing???

See more of his home here, but I highly recommend the March issue to see even more! Well, only if this is your style after all.

Roger Davies

Carlos Mota