This & That

So the little man has the flu, AGAIN!?!?! What in the world. Praying that we all don't get it this time around, but alas that would surprise me greatly. This leaves me with very little computer time so I thought I would share a few of my favorites from the trusty ole' iPhone.

I made a quick stop at Madewell and was ever so pleased with the handbag I first saw online. I went with more of the cognac color instead of the black in the end, because I think it will age ever so nicely. I also loved the shoulder guard in hopes that when I carry the big camera around it won't kill my shoulder.

For Valentine's the Mr bought me parrot tulips which may be my new favorite flower. He is really good at surprising me with flowers all year so I am hoping these make it onto the regular rotation.Ha.

As soon as I saw this card, from my favorite illustrator and one of the sweetest girls I know, I knew it had to be mine, well really the Mr's. It looks so much like him although he did say his boots are lower. I think this print must be my next purchase as it something I need to be reminded of daily.

Our church had this cute little backdrop in the hallways and since it was Valentines the Mr was kind enough to take a pic with me. Wish I took one of us that night too. I was actually in something other than my "uniform".

The second snow storm of the season the kiddos and I rushed up to my parents house to take full advantage of their lasting abundance. Our home got quite a bit and we made a snowman around 10:00 the night before, but by morning it was melting fast. My parents who live up a mountain/big hill had snow till late that evening. Yay for us! My sister and KJ tackled the boy snowman and Ellie and I were in charge of the lady. I must say I am rather proud of our efforts.