Building a Room with Chairish

When the folks over at Chairish, a sort of craigslist without all the junk to wade through, asked if I would be up for designing a room around one of their rugs I knew it would be too fun of a challenge to pass up. Of course when offered this Madeline Weinrib rug as one of the rugs I could use as a design base I knew this room could be quite special. The bold pattern takes center stage and all the other pieces I choose to compliment the space rather than compete with it. When designing a some what neutral space I tend to use tons of texture to keep a space from falling flat and boring. Now if only I could take this room and actually move it into my own home. Now that would be special.

rug | sofa | art | sconces | chairs | coffee table | cloche | candle holder| floor lamp | ottoman {quite the splurge, but oh so worth it}