Ready for fall {our house}

I think my house was made for the fall. If only pumpkins could be displayed year round. HA. I bought modern house numbers in black from Home Depot, but I have to actually get them up. I still need to paint the porch ceiling and continue to fix the porch floor. Did I mention that I pulled up two layers of carpet? It was hiding a small crack in an other wise beautiful tile floor. It is taking some work to remove the adhesive and years of dirt, but it makes me giddy. If I ever do get to have this house painted I am thinking white or something close to it and remove the shutters. I love the idea of continuing the more modern farmhouse flow that I began inside. 

TWOELLIE.10.13.14 (15 of 24).JPG
TWOELLIE.10.13.14 (14 of 24).JPG

My new pots done by our local Leaf and Petal are beginning to fill in and I am head over heels for them. I have never had pots done for me since I love to garden, but this time I knew I needed help. I wanted something special and that's really what they gave me. It also helped the house feel less intimidating in a way. It sits up on a hill and with all the rock and the wild yard, which I am continuing to work on, it just has a slight unwelcoming feel to it.

TWOELLIE.10.13.14 (13 of 24).JPG

Here is another shot of the pot so you can see what I wonderful mix it is. They really put thought into making it pretty from every angle. The pots are also resin that looks like concrete which keeps them light so when we do move I can take them with me.

TWOELLIE.10.13.14 (16 of 24).JPG

This post used to be such an eye sore. I grabbed some black and copper paint and gave it a few coats. It really did transform it. It also matches the porch lantern that I had in our old home that I have always loved. The post is gas, but currently does not work. I am hoping to have it looked at in the near future to see if we can get it up and running. Anyone have a gas fixture? Wondering how much it will up our bill. I think this is the type that once it's on it's on.

*My porch lantern is currently on sale!