An Outfit

This weekend was my papa's birthday. I packed up the kiddos and headed 45 min north for a family party. Love time spent at my parent's house. The kiddos run circles around the house and explore their country land. You can hear every cricket chirp and that can become deafening at times. It really is a special place.  This is me about to head that way. The dress I believe I had since KJ was a newborn, I may have even had it since I was pregnant. He's six, ha. The shoes I found with my big closet purge. They are Seychelles and I have no idea how old they are. This summer I have found myself not wanting to blow dry my hair EVER, so the top knot and side braid have become my go to. I honestly feel as if I FINALLY have a God given grasp on my spending since the audit. It sort of repulses me on how many clothes and shoes I had especially since so many still had tags on them. I did buy a few more dresses since the audit. Two to shoot weddings in since my go to's no longer fit and one casual dress that is constant rotation already. The perk is though that I bought then on consignment. I may be a changed women or at least I hope so. Oh, and by no means do I think shopping is a bad thing. My spending just happened to escalate when I was in a rut, saw a pretty picture, or simply just wanted what I thought was a "happy" moment. Shopping never actually filled the void instead it just created waste.

* the wrappping I bought at TJ Maxx