The Important Things...

This is Ashley and John Mark. We shot their wedding years ago and since then they quickly became people I can not do life without. They are generous, sincere, love life to the fullest, and to say they are fun would be an understatement. We can go weeks without talking and then once we do we don't skip a beat. We have cried together, laughed together, and now will parent together. They are adopting and I could not be more thrilled!!! Like jump up and down, she had to come over at odd hours of the night to tell me the whole story, kind of excited.

I know they will make the best parents. She has had plenty of practice loving on mine over the years. I am so happy the time has come for them to join in this journey of parenthood. Ashley has taught me to loosen up at times, to love more passionately, and has advised me in many of my hair needs. You know all the important things in life.

I am sure you all know how expensive adoption can be. Like crazy expensive. So I was thinking if everyone who read this little blog of mine donated what they can big or small we could make this dream of theirs a reality with much less of a financial burden on them. How great would that be?!?!? Adopting and being a new parent in general is hard enough on its own. They have a few ways to donate. HERE you can read more about their story and give a tax deductible donation. HERE you can buy a piece of gorgeous jewelry through the month of August and all proceeds will go to them. I have this necklace and have an E and K on it and it is one of my favorite pieces. They make great gifts too. Christmas will be here before we know it.