Organizing {the master closet}

Yesterday one of my long time best friends came over to help me clean out my closet. Could I have done it myself? Maybe, but it most definitely would not look like this! She inspired me and reminded me that I do not want a whole lot of "extra" and to live simply. In the end that is what I we achieved!

Here is the beginning. I got to a point where I got so overwhelmed I simply lost control over the year. My feet grew, my girth grew, and there were so many pieces that no longer were flattering. I just did not have the inspiration to tackle this one on my own.

First she pulled EVERYTHING out. This was my "what was I thinking" moment...

In the end the more I purged the more free I felt. Majority of these things no longer fit or I simply never wear. Who needs 20+ striped shirts anyway? The piles to the left are yard sale items and the piles to the right will become a blog sale. Those pieces are more of the high end and barely worn. Don't get me wrong some yard sale peeps will be getting killer deals on really cute items too.

Now on to the less embarrassing parts. Everything after being whittled down was re-hung or folded by color. My next step will be to make sure all the hangers match. The Mr will have simple white hangers and I will have the beige velvet ones.

My hand bags and totes hang on the wall...

As well as our belts and the Mr's ties/bow ties.

My shoes now fit on the two shelving units and the Mr has the other.

Now to make the space pretty pretty!