Wrinkles and All

This past weekend the Mr did some rush photos for the girl that was our flower girl years ago! Of course I had to tag along and bask in sweet memories. The Mr then decided that I should start doing posts on what I wore once again. Ha. So let's pretend my hair was washed, shirt not so wrinkled, and I was not standing pigeon toed. The fashion bloggers are quite adorable these days and I most definitely do not compare, but this is what I like to think a a thrity-something mother of two, who works, runs errands, and cleans the toilet would be most comfortable in. You can say this is my start to summer wear.

Gingham Top: J. Crew

White Jeans: J. Crew

I-Phone case: On sale in store a few months ago. LOVE this one too though!

Shoe by Enzo Angiollini: Have had for years!

Bracelet: J.Crew, can't find it either, but they have plenty to choose from!

More importantly I am off to Atlanta today and tomorrow to meet Tiffany and Marianne! We are having dinner and heading to Scott's in the A.M. I simply can not wait! The whole reason I began blogging was to meet like minded people and share what inspires me. There weren't too many blogs when I began and pinterest wasn't even a thing. I must say it has made blogging much harder. Trying to post things you all haven't seen 100 times before and the community of blogging has broken down some. Yes, I still make and have friends that I adore that I have met through this little world of ours, but most of that is now done through instagram. I still adore it don't get me wrong, but I feel as if blogs are evolving into something else. Not sure of the word I am thinking of, but it's not relationship based. Kind of sad.