Back to Life {plus a bit of organizing}

Yesterday was the big audit. Could have been worse and could have been better. Thankfully the amount owed was less than what we anticipated. Unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees and we still owe a decent chunk to the state. PHOTOGRAPHERS did you know we are not a service and considered a product? Sales tax must be paid on ALL amount received if the client receives photos in the end regardless of form. That means a XXX amount for a wedding fee must be sales taxed on FULLY not just on the album, etc. Oh yes, you heard me right. Crazy town! Anyhow, now I feel like I can get back to life!!! I have been drowning myself in numbers trying to make sure I had all X's and O's in order. Needless to say I have been a bad wife, mama, housekeeper, friend, blogger, etc. I truly believe my office space reflects it all. It's a mess and so was brain. Ha. The images were even taken AFTER all tax related items were put in a bag for the audit. It's still a mess, but I have full intentions of giving it and the rest of the house a complete do over today. The ONE thing that has remained in order, which is not normally the case, it the insane number of cords that sit on my desk, husbands night table, and floor. The people over at MOS Organizer were kind enough to send over a couple of MOS cable organizers to see what I thought. As you know I don't do too many reviews, but they caught me on a day I thought I would go mad with clutter. Oh, and I may have sucked up my third iPhone cord into the vacuum. I must say it ROCKS!!! The MOS uses tiny magnets to clip on whatever cord you need to stay put. I now know where to find them and they stay off the floor plus they look kind of neat. Win-Win!!!!

*tomorrow I plan on sharing KJ's surprise birthday party!!! I am officially back in blogging business. Missed you all!!!