I can't believe it has been a whole week since I have blogged. Granted I am one to miss a few days here and there, but a whole week? Crazy. Well, time is what I do not have as of now so blogging and eating went out the window. I kind, sort of. I am hoping after our Monday audit I will feel more like myself and not be drowning in numbers any longer. Normal wok load of photography and decorating is rather fun on a normal day, but throw in countless hours of staring at the computer and old tax records, etc one can start feeling a bit loopy. I think audits should be done in the fall by the way, after normal tax season. It's just a lot all at once. Another thing I planned poorly for is little man's birthday. He turns 6 on Saturday. He has NO idea!!! We are throwing him a little surprise party. Mostly just family since our budget is currently none existent till we see what happens on Monday. I still want to make it fun and special. I know he wants everything to be blue and red so that is the idea. I am also having Staples print out huge images of him from every year and hang them around the house. The copies turn out amazing and for so cheap!!! Will share more next week. So I am off to see what I can find locally to make a fun party on the cheap. You know me I normally go way overboard on birthdays so this is a doozy for me. Ha.