Room on a Budget

Working on a budget doesn't always have to look the part. I think you can get a rather chic look with big box stores if boutiques and high end shops are just not realistic for you. They rarely are for me. Oh, and of course I know this is still a good amount of money, but comparative to boutique shopping it's a steal! The key is to not get it all in one place. One of my favorite stops for accessories is Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etsy, and even the thrift store if I have the time. The plus on big store purchases is that they go on sale often and normally for a rather good discount. Patience would be key here for the best prices. I think this little mock up would make for a great base for any room. It can be livened up with accessories and a fun pillow or two. As for the bedding I would use the stripe side duvet and mix in solid white euros and an accent bolster or lumbar in a complimentary color. 

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