Little Black Dress

My right shoulder blade area has been giving be quite the fit. I have been quite confused why, but then as I edit away on weddings I come to realize this is my camera support arm. Ha. Its also the arm that does most the editing and well that puts me hours/days in front of the computer for each wedding and we do  A LOT of weddings. Next year we are cutting back on weddings in a big way. We are hoping to average one a month for the sake of our family time. It is the Mr's second job after all. Don't get me wrong we LOVE weddings!!! We adore our couples and being part of their most special day, but I think cutting back will help us love them even more and for the kids to love us more. We are in a new season of life where ballet, horseback, and baseball keep us busy and we just don't want life to pass us by and miss these sweet moments with our family. We even had to pass by a wedding for next year that I was hoping we would be asked to do due to a ballet recital. We missed last years and I could not do that to Ellie again, or me really,  even if the wedding would have been quite a dream to do.

Anyhow, the outfit above was quite the summer wedding uniform for me. The dress I found at a local consignment shop for a steal. It's by BCBG. It has pockets for my phone and lens caps. The only thing that changed was my shoe choice. Always comfortable, but was chosen for the days activities and location. The Mr and I always love to blend into weddings rather than looking like the help. The Mr's summer wedding attire is normally a pair of dress slacks and a seer sucker jacket with an array of ties. For black tie events the full on suit will make an appearance.

I could not find all the exact items due to the age of some of them, but I did choose a few that are similiar and a few items I like even more and that have made their way onto my wish list...

dress: similiar | dress: similar perfect for fall | dress: if I were hip | dress: similiar if I had extra cash | dress: similar if I were loaded |sandals: similar/like more | ballet flats: similar/like more | heels: same | stud earrings: same | bangle: similar/need