A Bit of Pretty Among the Chaos

I can't believe it is Thursday already. Yesterday I kept on confusing for Tuesday and repeatedly went into panic mode once I realized all that I have to get done by today. I have had WAY to much work that consists of sitting in front of the computer the last week+, so on Tuesday (which I thought was Monday) I took the kiddos to the zoo and had a little down time. It was much needed to say the least. Tomorrow we head to Mobile to shoot a wedding that I am sure will be stunning. We have to be back Saturday night in order for the Mr to be at his actual job on Sunday. Oh, did I mention the go time for the couple is 11:00 pm and we have a few hours drive back home. Whew. Already tired thinking about it. Sunday should be nice, while the Mr is at church I will go pick up the kiddos from my parent's and celebrate my sister's birthday before she leaves for Italy for 9 weeks (can you believe that?), celebrate Papa's day, and then once we all get back home celebrate the Mr's father's day. It's a nice chaos to have, but in the midst of it all I personally needed a little pick me up so I got some garden roses from Whole Foods and added some mint from my garden. They make me cheery. I hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back next week. I hope.