The Front Hall

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I finally started moving things back into the front hall and I must say the greige trim has officially grown on me. I think it pairs well with my decor choices. You know me and I may not have much color in my home, but I do adore layering to the max. Now to finish painting. I am so close to being done I can taste it! Oh and yes, I know I must hide the cord better and the dish on the floor is the dogs. Ha.

Just incase you want to know...

bead chain made by yours truly.

rustic frame to left... scripture with pictures

initial print... le papier sudio

rustic frame right... two's company bought locally (seibel's)

right print... michelle armas

table... one kings lane awhile back

lamp... gallery designs (market)

books ... Interior Wisdom (one of my faves) & Organic and Chic

basket... Wisteria

boots... Splendid Willow