Birmingham Magazine {we made the cover}


I can't even express how excited I was when I found Birmingham Magazine wanted to so a little feature on me in their May issue. Well, that little feature ended up being a two page spread. What?!?!? The issue is based on parenting and they had a section dedicated to mommy bloggers like me. Working with Jason Wallis and Celine Russell was quite a treat. Both of them were fabulous with Ellie and KJ. KJ was a little worried though when Mr. Jason asked him to shoot his camera with the nerf gun. I assured him that if Mr. Jason said it was okay then he would not be in trouble. Ha. Celine was kind enough to fix Ellie's hair ever so sweetly after doing the most fabulous makeup job on me. Lo and behold while checking my twitter feed on May 1st I was quite surprised to hear that I was on the cover via Magic City Mama another Birmingham blogger. I was able to get a gander of it online, but not until this weekend did I get to see it on news stands. So needless to say we went to ridiculous heights to document the moment and thought you all may get a kick out of our dorkiselves...


You can read the article if you like... here.