A Colorful Arrangment How-To {part 1}

Today is the start of a series that I am so so excited about! Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to highlight some of my amazingly talented friends and their various crafts all to get us ready for the holidays. Of course on the top of my list are flowers. They are always a must in my book. For this very feature I enlisted my brilliant friend Brooke of BKWed. She is a wedding planner and happens to have a great talent with flowers also. We decided to go in two different direction depending on what you all prefer. Today's feature leans towards a rustic and more fun arrangement while tomorrow features something more serene and just plain ole pretty. They both began in the same place though, the flower market. I assume every city has one, but if not I am sure a simple grocery store selection would have a decent assortment too.

twoellie+bkwed (3 of 46).jpg
twoellie+bkwed (5 of 46).jpg
twoellie+bkwed (7 of 46).jpg

Brooke found this tree bark planter at the flower shop, but this one on etsy is quite similar. We went with a bold peony as the main flower for the strong color I wanted for the space. Brooke mentioned a carnation would have the same effect at a fraction of the cost and are more readily available at a local grocer. The picking of the flowers is more about finding what works for you and your desired effect for your space.

twoellie+bkwed (9 of 46).jpg
twoellie+bkwed (10 of 46).jpg

In order to keep it simple Brooke used mason jars I had on hand for the arrangements. She began with our main flower the peony and then added our second choice the ranunculas. As she cut down each flower to height she was also careful to remove the leaves that would sit in the water.

twoellie+bkwed (13 of 46).jpg

She then began adding the "fillers". They are flowers that are less expensive, but help give interest to the arrangement. If you recall I told her I wanted rustic yet fun so she choose the flowers that would give that effect.

twoellie+bkwed (14 of 46).jpg

This is where you could potentially stop. The arrangement looks pretty enough.

twoellie+bkwed (16 of 46).jpg

Yet we choose to add a final layer, the eucalyptus would make this piece a show stopper. It's the whimsy that this particular room needed. I knew I wanted this arrangement for the dining room which is decorated with a more fun atmosphere for Christmas. I simply wanted to have this arrangement look as if it belonged in this space and I believe Brooke pulled it off beautifully.

twoellie+bkwed (43 of 46) copy.jpg

What You Will Need:

-Above are the flowers we choose, but as I said you could easily create the same look with other variates depending on what you can find.

-A planter of your choice and mason jars. You could easily ditch the planter though and just use the mason jars.

-A good pair of sharp shears for cutting stems and removing leaves

-A trash can near by with ample space to work. In our case we used the dining table.

twoellie+bkwed (44 of 46).jpg

Ta-Da!!!! I am seriously in love. Now if it would only live forever. Ha.

twoellie+bkwed (39 of 46) copy.jpg

 The colored ornaments were obviously the jumping off point. Could it seriously get any better?

twoellie+bkwed (36 of 46).jpg

Tomorrow I will have the arrangement Brooke did for my living room. It is the polar opposite of today, but ever so gorgeous and simple. 

To see more of Brooke's work go to BKWed for a gander!