The Advent Calendar

Friday night while the Mr and I were watching a movie at home I quickly realized that the following day was the 1st of December. Not sure how it snuck up on me! Every year I do some sort of advent calendar counting down the days till Christmas. This is a tradition I did not want to let pass. I went scrounging in the office to see what I could come up with. I had tons of these little bags and almost enough round labels that I thought could work. Inside are little notes that either call for a fun activity for the day, encouragement for the kiddos, or something we can do for others. For example...

-go ice skating

-Ellie we love you more than marshmallows. KJ we love you more than legos.

-make cards for our neighbors

I then put all the little bags up in the movie room in a shape of a tree. This may not be the most creative advent I have done, but the kiddos love it none the less.

** Today I am also sharing some of my favorite gifts over on LaLa Lovely today!!!!**