A Reader's Laundry Room

When a reader mentioned that she had a similar layout to our laundry room and that they just did a little makeover on the space I was more than eager to see some images. I must say I was instantly smitten with it and begged to post it. At first she was hesitant, but I sure am happy I got the go ahead! This is what I would LOVE our space to mimic. Unfortunately I don't have two front loaders, cabinets, and my space is a bit more awkward than hers. Ha. The ikea buthcer block counter would be a divine space to fold laundry and do small projects. Oh, and you know how much I love the jars!!! I think my laundry room has some hope though so I have finally decided to bring in a pro to help me out and get it organized for good. This shall be my inspiration.