A Few Favorites {link love}

I must admit lately I have been finding it hard to find the time to blog. My time management skills seem to be none existent. I do have a plan though. It includes scheduling certain days to dedicate to one area... blogging, the shop, household chores, decorating work, KJP, plus of course trying to be a good wife and mother, but that should fit into everyday life I suppose. Now to just dedicate the time to actually making a list happen, ha. Here are a few things that have me inspired as of late...

 - Erin of Apartment 34's loft feature on Refinery 29. She really is the epitome of style. Fashion and now interiors? FABULOUS. Oh, and her twitter feeds makes me feel as if I am not missing alt summit altogether.

- I had the pleasure of shooting Marianne from Haven and Home's nursery. I have serious love for little Henry and his nursery is nothing short of AMAZING. I really want to recreate this DIY she came up with for KJ's room. Did I mention how amazing this room is???

- Trina's lovely blog LaLa Lovely had quite the makeover done by Moxee and I must say I am absolutely smitten. It also makes me think that my blog may need a little sprucing up. Mine seems quite boring compared to other blogs lately. Also I am determined to make it to Alt Summit next year and I hoping Trina will be my roomie.

- Have you seen Minted's new Valentine's Day cards? They make me think we need Valentine day cards on top of our Christmas cards. It also doesn't hurt seeing my sweet little family being featured. So fun. They also have some to pass out in school that I adore. Minted pretty much rocks my world if you heven't noticed.