Finding Inspiration

As you may recall I have been a bit stalled out on inspiration for posts. Well,  I finally feel like it is creeping its way back in slowly but surely. Here are a few things that have been simply loving as of late.

I adore this dining room featured on Houzz by Zero Energy Design. Having a space this gorgeous plus being eco friendly sends me over the moon. I could easily pick apart this room and describe what I love, but I seriously adore every last detail.

Fall is right around the corner (I hope) and this year instead of adding to my arsenal of boots I decided to buy these. It rarely gets cold enough that boots are really required, I just happen to love them. I haven't gotten them in yet, but the reviews rave about how comfortable they are. Can't wait to judge for myself.

I had a rewards card to J.Crew and this is what I got. The Dolman tee. It is remarkably soft. I love the way it hangs since I am not one for clingy or tight. It may never leave my body. I suppose I should get a few more.

It's been hot and my garden has been feeling it. The roses have faded, but I do love the added color to my all green front garden. This is also the first year that my vine has properly grown up the pillar.

Finally our Fuji Instax camera. We bring it everywhere. These are from our recent trip to Chattanooga. Love having instant nostalgia.