Breaking it Down {Real Estate Search}

I thought with all my real estate search talk I should probably let you all in on our criteria for a new home. This one would realistically fit the bill if the price wasn't $879,000. First off, price is obviously a huge factor for us. We are not one's to over spend. We live debt free and like to have extra money in the bank. We enjoy living it up on vacations and giving is a huge priority to us. Oh, and let's not forget next year we will be paying for two private school educations. Not something I would ever want to give up. Of course having a beautiful home is important, but its not worth it to us to give up our lifestyle.

We are not looking necessarily for a huge home, but one that we can grow in. Having the outside of the home be just as beautiful as in is also important to me. Also we need to be able to park four cars easily since the kiddos will be driving one day. We are looking for a long term home after all.

You know I love a pretty garden. This one isn't grand, but it is pretty. The Mr. really loves a newer home. Less stress I suppose. I dream of an older home with tons of old charm. This is somewhere I am willing to succumb to as long as the home encompasses my wish list. Building is currently off our wish list since land seems to cost an arm and leg.

I love a pretty yard. It has to be somewhat low maintenance since I am the gardener of the family. The Mr. despises it. I do have a slight dream that one day Ellie or KJ would want to get married in our back yard. Something like this would be lovely. In reality this would make for a beautiful setting for our many dinner parties. Again if the home was in a great location and had nearby parks I would be willing to sacrifice a yard.

I adore an entry way. I love the formality of it for some reason. Again not a necessity but would be a huge selling point. The arches is what would make a new home redeemable for me. It has added character. Character and charm is all I really want.

I personally love separate rooms, but the Mr. loves open living. If the spaces happened to flow like this then I would be more than happy with it. It does make for great entertaining. This also gives me a great desire for a separate den, which this home has upstairs.

A wood burning fireplace would be nice too although this one is gas too. We currently have a gas fireplace and we never use it since gas prices are so high. Love a pretty mantel too.

This kitchen isn't too big or too small in my opinion. Both the Mr. and I enjoy to cook with the kiddos. This would be plenty of space to do so. I also would love a gas stove and really nice appliances. This of course would be easy enough to do ourselves if the price was right. Changing counter tops would also be an easy change, but the one thing I don't think our budget would allow for is a full gut.

Beautiful windows and french doors that open out to a patio make me think that entertaining here could be quite nice. Also plenty of room for a decent sized dining table. Going back to the kitchen, do you notice the microwave built into the cabinetry. LOVE that. Kid height and much safer than being over the stove.

Our main need for the master is to be able to fit a king size bed with room to move a round. I also don't want it to be too big where it feels like wasted space like our current home. Also decent closet space would be nice. I like the idea of a his and hers closet too. They don't need to be huge, but it would be for fun and don't make the requirement.

A pretty bath. I don't necessarily need a tub, but it would be nice. I most definitely do want a walk in shower though. This is a space I am am so willing to redo in a home if the house was on the lower end of our budget. I also think having separate sinks would be rather nice. No more whisker hair making it over to my side would be quite blissful. Ha.

A laundry room with some space. I also like the fact that this one has a sink. That would be quite handy with all my gardening.

The kiddos rooms would just have to be big enough to grow up in. I don't want or expect them to live solely in their rooms when they get older. No tv's allowed. I would prefer a four bedroom home. We need three, but one extra would be nice.

Outdoor entertaining area is a must. We like to grill out a lot and dining alfresco is a favorite activity of mine. This one is rather lovely.

 So all in all I think this house would represent a good medium between both the Mr. and I. Now just to find it in our price range. If this home is in your's and you are interested then email me and I will get you in touch with the listing agent.