Historical Home Tour {and a ride in a police car}

Over the weekend the kiddos and I went on a historical home tour in Eutaw, AL. It is a few hours from where we live and is quite charming. Time most definitely stood still in this little town. In some ways it was wonderful and in others not so much. I suppose the nicest way to put it is that it felt like I could have been on the set of The Help and that includes the likes of Miss Skeeter and Hilly, yikes. Here are a few highlights from places I adored...

This blue porch ceiling had me entranced in this B&B.

The millwork was just stunning.

All the homes and churches dated back to the 1800's and have been beautifully restored.

This home is stunning. The windows with working shutters had me swooning.

This home is a wealth of some of the finest antiques. Not quite livable for my taste, but gorgeous none the less.

The pink room with gilded mirror is something I still see today. What goes around always seems to come around. The green room is the top tower. Ellie got quite weak in the knees being up so high and about had a melt down of all melt downs. Poor girl.

This home has been published many times, but I thought this issue of Veranda was quite intriguing. It was from the winter issue 1998.

This church was about 30 minutes out side of Eutaw. It was one of four churches in what would be equivalent to a 1 block radius. The woman who's husband is the Pastor was kind enough to ring the bell for Ellie and KJ. It was quite lovely. I was quite amazed that all the stained glass windows were original.

This home was by far my favorite. I suppose it is because it felt the most livable. The homeowners restored it from rubble. The views were also quite amazing.

Are the doors and windows not breath taking?

This is what we would consider a basement. The owners loving made it into some beautiful rooms for when all her children and grandchildren come to visit. In actuality though it used to be where the horses were kept hence the huge doors.


And now for the real adventure...

Well, soon after we left that most charming house my sweet papa's car started going nuts. He quickly realized that while out on one of the many dirt roads it seemed a rock busted his radiator. We pulled over by a cow pasture and my mom called AAA. About 45 minutes later they called back and said they could not locate a truck large enough to carry us all back home. Keep in mind this little town is in the middle of NO WHERE. Not a thing except cow pastures and catfish ponds. Car rental places are none existent especially on a Sunday afternoon. I was so very thankful that both my mother and I thought ahead and brought waters and snacks with us for the trip. Unfortunately none of it was GF though. I can honestly say the kiddos would have never made it so long if not. During this time we met a male version of Hilly that literally made my stomach turn. Thankfully after quite some time a police officer happened by. Oh, did I mention this was the second officer that came by? The first didn't even slow down. This particular officer was kind enough to bring Ellie, KJ, and I about 30 minutes to the exit where he left us at a motel for safe keeping. My parents stayed behind for the tow truck. This is where the kiddos enjoyed vending machine snacks and water. We waited there for about 20 minutes while one of the interns at the Tuscaloosa campus of our church came to the rescue. I could not have been more thankful for the the pastor there and his team. By this time it was already dark and the Mr. was still hours away. We made our way back to the offices in Tuscaloosa (about an hour form our home) and this is where my sweet husband rescued us and fed us some real food. We didn't get home till late that night so we checked Ellie in late the next day. Although I was exhausted after such an eventful day I can honestly say it was rather fun. We saw some stunning homes, saw baby cows frolicking in the pasture, and the kiddos favorite part, riding in a police car...

So how was your weekend?