An Almond & Cherry Upside Down Cake {by Roost}

One of my new favorites is an almond & cherry upside down cake from Roost. I have also made it with blueberries and the kiddos actually liked it better. I think the tartness of the cherries threw them off a bit, but I adored it. Its gluten free of course and rather good for you. I make all my desserts with almond flour these days. It's so good for you and is much less complicated than mixing all the other GF flours out there. I buy mine here. It's by Honeyville. I prefer it to cook with versus other brands. Anyway, back to the cake. Caitlin's blog Roost has quickly become a favorite of mine. Her photography and styling is impeccable not to mention all the recipes she posts are quite divine. She just moved back to Alabama with her husband and I do hope to run into her one day. Maybe she will want to teach me her culinary ways. At times I still feel like such a beginner.