Ellie's Circus

The party for Ellie's 5th birthday was a smashing success. She is still talking about it play by play. We had a plethora of popcorn, cotton candy, cookies, and cake which make for some extra giddy children. We had a spot to get photos taken and a face painting station all under a tent of red and white pennants. My sweet sister was suppose to be the one doing the face painting, but Ellie and KJ thought it was more fun to paint her face, ha! A party for my favorite girl with friends and family makes for one lovely night. I must admit I am a bit exhausted, we also had a wedding to shoot on the same weekend, so now I rest. Oh happy day!

Ellies top hat made by me
Ellie and 5 stickers printed from here
Ellie's dress: Hijkids
210 feet of pennants: here
popcorn and face painting signs: Hobby Lobby
popcorn machine: a friends
top hats: here
cake stand decorated by me: petite square
Oh Happy Day printable: here
cupcake pennants made by me: lollipop sticks and this
Invites in case you missed them: here