Today is Ellie's actual birthday. Five is such a huge year. She starts kindergarten soon and will be in uniforms almost daily. Although she is excited to get to wear what she likes to call "unicorns" I feel this fits her stylish self best. A pretty dress that her mommy would also like to wear would be her choice. The gold shoes would top it all off and if you really new Ellie you would know we buy these in bulk. As she gets to color with brother I am sure she will pause and apply her new Lip Smacker. Oh, and let's not forget my sweet girl also has an eye for design so a colorful lamp and a few pom poms would fit into her room perfectly, of course if these were to actually make it into her room the walls would have to go white. She is only five after all. Happy Birthday to my little lady. You changed my life forever when you came into this world, I thank you.