I am feeling a bit uninspired as of late. We are going through a time of change and uncertainty. Hopefully after today and a few meetings things will be a bit clearer. I am one of those who enjoys knowing the future of life, but that can not always be the case. So I am once again having to reaffirm my faith in the Lord. Of course, that makes this the best place to be. Thankfully I have these two to keep me on my toes...

{we call him buggy}

{a bit of sweet sass}

And this one to do this thing we call life hand in hand...

{a pic taken by the family of one of our brides, love them}

Oh, and for those who are wondering I am a mere 5'3 on a good day and the husband is a good 6'7. I always forget the height difference until I see a pic like this. We are quite ridiculous.