A Bit of Shine

I never thought of myself as one who could do sequins, but this little top has me thinking other wise especially paired with the pretty drapey pleated short. I do know that I am not one to go without shades and aviators are my style of choice, well at least for now. I think a nude sandal would be lovely and help my short little legs not seem so stumpy. This bracelet had me at hello when I tried it on in the shop the other day, so pretty, but alas it stills sits in the shop. I would give my face a little color with this blush and it's gold little speckles. I think this outfit would work going to the zoo or a small casual dinner party. Since we went to the zoo yesterday then I am thinking dinner party and at my dinner party I would light the lovely candles on the lovely sconces and serve an array of cheeses on this lovely platter. Would you care to join me?