Outfit to Room...

It's been quite some time that I have done an outfit to room so when I came across this photo of Natalie Portman I knew it was time again to create a new room from this outfit...

{via Marie Claire}

Outfit to living room...

{via here}

The Liam sofa from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams would make a fine center piece.

{via Plum Cushion's}

How about a couple of Schumacher classic moire pillows to add to the sofa.

{via South of the Market}

Maybe a window pane pillow to add a graphic element.

{via Pottery Barn}

A simple sisal rug would ground the room quite nicely.

{via here}

This coffee table would have to be a must. I have been fawning over it ever since seeing it in this Tracery Interiors designers home. Thanks Doug!

{via Etsy}

An original piece of art to hang over the sofa would be lovely.

Have a wonderful weekend!