This past weekend we finally put up our tree. I do not recommend waiting till the week of Christmas to find a tree because the pickings are quite slim. This year our tree is a bit on the sad side. Our normal huge tree filled with ornaments and our home all decked out just did not happen this year. Since my sinus surgery I have been functioning at 50% on a good day, but the good days are not many. Oh, and did I mention I blacked out and wrecked my car with my son in it. At first they were going to total it, but now it seems they are going to try to fix it but I won't have it back any time soon. Oh, and my son was fine, praise God. So this is my sad excuse to go along with our sad tree, but on a high note my kiddos LOVE it and that's all that really matters.

I only grabbed our favorite ornaments for the tree this year. Less clean up for later. Every year for Christmas my kiddos each get a new Krinkles ornament. My plan is when they grow up and have their own families I will give them the ornaments to hang on their tree.

I also added mercury glass acorns from Pottery Barn. I bought them last year after Christmas and got them for a steal. I just adore them.

So our tree may be pitiful, but we are full of joy. It is still Christmas time and it is a time to celebrate, woo hoo!