a new project

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to help a friend pick out paint colors for their new home. Well, their home is an older, tiny cottage that will eventually need more than paint. They are planning to open the kitchen up to the living/dining area, redo the kitchen, redo the bath, and still have tons of other basic updating to do. As we got to talking and trying to figure out my sweet friends style, she had the idea of me just coming up with ideas that may suit them as a couple. We went to some local stores to see what she gravitated to and she loved a bit a glam, but at the same time still loves their new and existing brown leather couches and dark wood dinner table. I believe it will be easy and fun to combine the two styles and help give them a grown up space that they will love. Anyway, what I m trying to get to, is that I will be tackling each of their rooms individually with blog posts and hopefully it will help them figure out exactly what they want. I do love a good challenge. Here is just a teaser...a ceiling fan just does not work in a dining area, but I believe this would.

Also, I would love for you to stop by The Red Otter. The lovely Julia has a series of self portraits done by other blogger's and today it's me! I am very excited and feel very privileged to have been able to participate. Julia has amazing taste and her blog is just stunning. Did I happen to mention that I am excited?