project: living room

I thought I would start this series of blog posts with the living room of my friends home simply because it is the first room you see when you walk in the door. They currently have a sofa and love seat in brown leather, a darker wood tv armoire, and that is about it. She wants people to feel at home when they come in the door, wants a touch of whimsy and glam, but not too much because of the hubby, and really just wants something that suits them and their two dogs. Not too much for me to go on, but here's a go.

I will start with the paint color that will go throughout the main living areas. I wanted to keep it light since the home in small and the furniture is so dark. I also love the idea of painting wall and ceilings the same color. I still haven't held these up in their home, so it may change. These are the three options thus far...
1. snowbound (very white)
2. natural choice (slightly more beige)
3. incredible white (slightly more gray)
all by Sherwin Williams.

They hope to buy a flat panel tv, but until then I recommend painting their existing armoire white to visually open up the space more and add that glam factor. Theirs look very similar to this one only half the size.

I too would add the pottery above. I would use not only white, but possibly blues, greens, and orange. I am sure with enough Home Good trips this can be done on the cheap. She also shares my love for birds. I think this piece would ad the whimsy she's looking for.
The room does not have any over head lighting so lamps are a must. I love the green to add a pop of color and the arc will give the illusion of over head lighting without taking up space as multiple table lamps would. (I would put this on the left side closest to the dining area allowing it hang over the sofa.)

lamps found via cb2

The coffee table needs to be incredibly narrow to keep the flow smooth when they have guests. First I liked the idea of a glass top simply because it will not look heavy in the room. So far I have not been able to find one narrow enough. I then thought of a long bench. I found this one at pottery barn, but one could be easily made or even found at a flea mall for a cheaper option.

I would also recommend having white curtains like these hung with dark rods. I would hang them high to add visual height. This would also balance out the white armoire on the opposite wall. I would also add simple roller shades to the windows to keep some privacy without having to leave the curtains shut continually. It is also simple to mount them upside down and leave the top part of the windows exposed if they feel they would want privacy all time. I have done it here in my home.

So far I know it seems like a lot of white, but the accessories will bring in the color and dark furniture + dark floors need some lighting up. They also currently have two large pieces of art that have trees and color. Hanging side by side over the love seat would be lovely. Another end table, hopefully a thrift find, to go on the left of the love seat with the lamp that currently in the guest room, with a new shade of course, would round it out.

My dear friend I hope you like the angle I am going for. Let me know if I am heading in the right direction before I continue with the other rooms. If not I will try again and you will have to give me more to go on.

(This makes me sad go here.