Shopping Hiatus {2}

I have officially been on my shopping hiatus {2} for one month. I must say this second hiatus is much easier. I believe it is because I know I will not be needlessly shopping till next year so why even think about it. Well, actually I hope to never needlessly shop again. Also it helps that this hiatus is a bit looser so I can buy a few things as long as I follow my own guidelines. For instance...

I finally designed some cards for play dates, my blog and my husband's photography business. I had them printed by Moo. I used the green line paper. They also carry minicards, postcards, and more. We have used them before and really enjoy their product. I also received a 20% off discount code for one product for those who have never bought from Moo before. I thought I would share it... 5246HK. The offer expires May 29th. Boy I sound like a commercial, ha!

I sold my daughters old crib (for really cheap) and bought this lovely rug on sale from Anthropologie. Our old one was looking pretty grungy so I wanted something new for quite sometime now. Oh, and yes we have two empty cabinets so our kiddos can play in them.

No, I did not buy new clothes or accessories, but the hubby did up grade cameras. He is now on board with the hiatus somewhat. These were from some test shots we did over the weekend between all the rain we had. Even though I was not a big fan of such a big purchase at this very moment I know it will help him immensely and I do like how they turned out. I can't believe the clarity in the sky, just beautiful.

How is your hiatus going or are you ready to join in the fun?