Tracery Interiors

While staying at Rosemary Beach for our vacation last week I was able to pop into Tracery Interiors shop. I made it a point to stop in especially after falling head over heels for their work and blog. I got to meet a couple of the lovely ladies and they were as sweet as can be. While chit chatting Bess, the blogger for Tracery, happened to mention my shopping hiatus. Oh, did I happen to mention I was mid purchase? Well, needless to say I have not done very well the past couple of months. I have a few home projects in the works and that's never cheap. Okay, I may have done a bit of shopping at the J. Crew outlet while at the beach too, you guys sure know how to drag it out of me. Anyway, for now I am not going to pretend that all my purchases are justifiable. I have thought them through and, lucky you, for the next couple of months you will be able to see my home come together even more. Being a stay at home mom plus a home body makes it hard for me to let projects sit. I am just ready to get it done, well as if it can ever really be done, ha!

I bought 2 of the above sconces to flank the large window in my bedroom and boy are they heavy. I would have given you all a full picture, but that will have to come later. I am still in need of that perfect curtain.

Shopping Hiatus {2}

As of yesterday I was feeling quite good about myself for not shopping. It's hard to do when you can't leave your house, but that's besides the point. Then my lovely inbox taunted me with a sale at Nordstroms. As of late I have been just hitting the delete button, but I thought a quick peek wouldn't hurt. I found this lovely dress and thought how cute would it be with a cardigan and my Frye boots. I then got hold of my thoughts and decided to do some blog surfing instead. The next thing I know my idea of a floral dress, boots, and this one with a little brown leather jacket had me hopping right back to the sale. So now I am the owner of this dress...

because of this image...

Now I just need this jacket...

FYI: The dress will be a bit longer, I am that short. The Frye boots I got for only $20 in the children's section on an insane clearance, my feet are on the smaller side. Lastly, I probably won't be getting that jacket, not in the budget this year.

*This blog post touched me deeply. It reminds me of who I wanted to be years ago.

Shopping Hiatus {2}

Modern Economy had their online sample sale and well, I just couldn't resist. Unfortunately or luckily, depends how you look at it, I was a few days behind and missed out on some really great goodies. I did come away with a few great scores though...

Good on Paper sticky note set, I bought these last year and loved them. I had sticky notes everywhere.

A couple of card set from Oh Joy! could not make me any happier.

I always carry around a little notebook to jot down a new paint color I may like, phone numbers, shopping lists, etc. I can't wait to start using this one from Mateo Ilasco.

This dish towel I bought last year and the very next week my husband used it to clean a greasy mess. Hopefully this new on from Tikoli will last just a bit longer.

My whole bill came to just over $30.00 and that included shipping. Now that is a huge savings for such wonderful brands and products. I can't wait for it all to arrive. I am just giddy.

Shopping Hiatus {2}

{Nothing to do with today's post just thought I would share the flowers from my garden}

On Labor Day my dear husband surprised me with a family day trip to Atlanta. We walked around Atlantic Station, shopped at Ikea, ate, and rode the mini train. A trip to Ikea may have thrown off my shopping hiatus technically, but I paid all in cash and it was all for the house and kiddos. I even stuck to my needs list and if it weren't for my husband I would have spent even less, ha. Needless to say I am thrilled with my finds and can't wait to share. We then hit the Peachtree Mall and I did not want to shop at all. So weird I know. We then drove around and looked at all all the great architecture. Next time we go sans kiddos I definitely want to hit this shop and Pieces.

{again nothing to do with this post, but this is what I almost ran into while weeding my garden, yikes!}

Shopping Hiatus {2}

This is the second week in a row that I have not fudged on my spending hiatus. It probably helped that I received gifts for my birthday, but that is besides the point. I really did not want to shop. I found my niche, if I simply stop making wish lists then I do not want. Very easy really, can't believe I didn't figure that one out before. I do have a few home projects in the works, but I have saved and saved so when that time comes I will not feel a twinge of guilt. Oh, and if I were to have a wish list then this would be at the top...

...I am so ready for fall.

{via Anthropologie}

Shopping Hiatus {2} + Etsy Love

I am so excited to say that I did not shop this week! If anything I was a bit of a scrooge. I feel as if I have everything I need and am not in want. Of course, this all can change in matter of moments I am learning, but for now I feel good. One thing I am always in need of are gifts. As you may or may not know I normally make my own baby shower gifts, but I always add a little something extra, well, I found my extra. My dear friend Brooke from the fabulous blog Blueprint Bliss has opened an etsy shop, Blueprint Bliss Designs. Here are some goodies for baby...

Oh, and wouldn't a personalized home drawing make for an amazing house warming, birthday, or any time gift...

Brooke also has sweet birth announcements and invites for you or a little one.

Now I am ready to go shop, just kidding. I hope you all are having a lovely day.

Shopping Hiatus {2}

Of course by now you know I shopped. I bought myself a birthday outfit, well technically my birthday is not till the 22nd, but we have a few weddings to shoot this month so I went ahead and got it....

Both were on a ridiculous sale, plus if you have an Anthropologie card they give you 15% off your total purchase for your birthday month. I plan to have the top tucked into the skirt and I bought a wide stretchy belt from Banana Republic for $15 dollars. You get a $15 dollar gift card with your banana card for your birthday too, so I used it. The top will also look good untucked with a pair of jeans, very versatile if I say so myself. So all in all I feel like I am styling and cute for not that much money. I am sure you will be getting pictures sometime next week. It has such photoshoot possibilities.


*Embellished Bayou has a post about buying new versus DIY and she included me, yeah! You know me I just love a good DIY.*

Shopping Hiatus {2}

Maybe I should change my weekly post title from shopping hiatus to confessions of a blogger. I completely rocked my first hiatus, not so rocking the second. The first hiatus was more of a three month fast for my Jesus, but the second has been for me and wow, it makes it so much harder...

These are what I bought. I really bought the one's on the far left a couple of weeks ago and already confessed, but they finally came in. I love them all. Now I have a pair to go with everything I already own. I would have shown you how cute they look on my feet while I did a walk of shame, but I am in need of a pedicure. Hubby was not upset in the least, he didn't really expect me to last all the way till next year. I think he is still happy I am trying though.

{photo via Kellen Jacob/quote via LobotoMe}

Yesterday as I was trying to play catch up on all my favorite blogs, I came across this post on LobotoMe. She has been doing a stellar job on this hiatus and really is such an inspiration to me. Her moto is the same as mine, live a life more simple. Anyway, she expressed the importance of living debt free and has a wonderful list of better places to put your money, like college funds. As for us, we too believe in living debt free. Our last bit of debt, the car, will be paid off by the end of August. Once we do that we have a plan to start the college funds and retirement. All this to say, that we do not live beyond our means, we pull cash out every month to keep to a budget, so as I fail at my hiatus every so often I am not failing my family but failing you all and these weekly posts, ugh. To some it may seem we have a lot, to others you may think we already do live the simple life. I really just want to get to a place where I feel as if we do live simply, not a stuff thing, but more a heart thing. Does this make sense? It's clear as day in my head, ha!

Shopping Hiatus {2}

I have been shopping a lot, too much if you ask me, but it hasn't been for me at all. It has been mostly for the home I have been decorating. It is coming along and I hope to have it wrapped up soon and I will be sure to share. While, hubby was away I did get to do a bit of yard saling. My intention was to find a few lovely deals for the home I am decorating, which I did find an old trunk that I am going to attach casters to and make a coffee table. I also happened to find a wonderful old wooden chair that needs just a bit of painting. I really have no where to put it, but I fell in love, it reminds me of an old chair that my grandfather once owned. It cost me a whooping $5.00.

Okay, okay, since you dragged it out of me, I also bought a new pair of sandals. It is all a blur really. Hubby was away and I was trying to prolong my having to go to bed alone so I was searching all my favorite sites then I came across these lovely shoes and I had another 20% off code and before I knew it I was getting an email saying thank you for my recent purchase. I don't think of it as a complete failure though, my pair that I currently own are slowly but surely falling apart bit by bit, they are a few years old and I wear them all summer long. I shall think of my new sandals more as an investment, surely my feet will thank me...

Shopping Hiatus {2}

Yes, I have been shopping. I had the baby shower this past weekend and wanted to do it up, so I did. Now I will be able to host a party of 30 at any given moment. Not so bad since we enjoy entertaining. I have done very well with not shopping for myself though. I owe that all to you, because these weekly updates sure do make it harder. I will be honest though I am really wanting to shop for clothes, shoes, purses, etc! Woo, now that's off my chest let's focus on some water fun we have been having. Being in the 90's every day definitely limits what fun you can have outdoors. Lucky for me I have a couple of water babies.

Okay so this last image has nothing to do with water, but the kiddos had a friend over and I bought a few animal hats at Micheal's for a few dollars, they had fun for hours. I highly recommend this!

Playing Tag

Sarah Klassen from Haute Design tagged me in a fun, but quite challenging tag. The tag is to write about 6 uninteresting things I love. I thought I would give it a go...

1. Cleaning supplies, especially anything from Mrs. Meyers.
2. Markers in a an array of colors. They can just make a tag or envelope look so much prettier.
3. Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea. I am not of fan of coke/pop drinks so this has become my hot day thirst quencher when water will just not suffice.
4. Paint decks. I love having so many colors at my finger tips at any given moment.
5. A daily planner. Really I am not sure how I would keep our lives straight without one.
6. Diapers. Okay so maybe I do not love diapers, but really what would we do without them?

Although I am not going to pass on this tag I would absolutely love to link you if you would like to give it a try, just let me know!

*I know this is my day to update my shopping hiatus, but as you all know I bought this dress from yesterdays post. $15 dollars is not too shabby and it put a quencher on my 'I want a new dress' mind set. Also hubby and I have decided to paint my daughters room green which also means the decor must be changed up a bit. She has been asking for 6 months for a green room so we think it's time to let her imagination soar. I am doing it as cost effective as possible and next month is her birthday so although her room is perfectly fine the way it is we are allowing her to call the shots, well mostly.

Shopping Hiatus {2} + Sneak Peek

The hiatus is still going fairly well. I sold some of my maternity clothes and bought a pot and two lanterns for outside along with some fabric and patterns. Eventually I am going to be out of things to sell and shopping will be out completely. My sister and I headed out to a few shops last night to just look. Well, that was a dumb idea I found a few things I just loved, but I managed to walk away. It was somewhat of a tease. I think I just need to stay out of the shops. On the plus side I have been able to shop vicariously through a friend who's home I am decorating. We finally got the plates up on the wall last night and picked final paint colors for the office along with buying a few odds and ends. It's all coming along nicely and I can't wait to share more. I just love seeing it all come together. How is your hiatus coming along?

Shopping Hiatus {2}

I have officially been on my shopping hiatus {2} for one month. I must say this second hiatus is much easier. I believe it is because I know I will not be needlessly shopping till next year so why even think about it. Well, actually I hope to never needlessly shop again. Also it helps that this hiatus is a bit looser so I can buy a few things as long as I follow my own guidelines. For instance...

I finally designed some cards for play dates, my blog and my husband's photography business. I had them printed by Moo. I used the green line paper. They also carry minicards, postcards, and more. We have used them before and really enjoy their product. I also received a 20% off discount code for one product for those who have never bought from Moo before. I thought I would share it... 5246HK. The offer expires May 29th. Boy I sound like a commercial, ha!

I sold my daughters old crib (for really cheap) and bought this lovely rug on sale from Anthropologie. Our old one was looking pretty grungy so I wanted something new for quite sometime now. Oh, and yes we have two empty cabinets so our kiddos can play in them.

No, I did not buy new clothes or accessories, but the hubby did up grade cameras. He is now on board with the hiatus somewhat. These were from some test shots we did over the weekend between all the rain we had. Even though I was not a big fan of such a big purchase at this very moment I know it will help him immensely and I do like how they turned out. I can't believe the clarity in the sky, just beautiful.

How is your hiatus going or are you ready to join in the fun?

Shopping Hiatus {2}

I woke up and wanted a new dress. Do you have days like that? Just to have the desire to slip into something fresh and new. To slip into something that makes you feel like a better version of yourself even if it only lasts a minute. What did I do you may wonder, well, I went to my closet and pulled out this dress that I bought when I was 9 months pregnant and having those same feelings. That was over 2 years ago and I may have worn it once. Now I can officially say I have worn it twice. I am thinking of dyeing it a new color. Oh, and did you notice my somewhat of a new haircut. It's the first time since high school that I am embracing my curls. The calves are new too. They are from running almost every day. I seem to be embracing more of who I am as I inch my way towards 30. I think I like her.

Shopping Hiatus {2}

So far so good. I did buy some plants for the garden which was on my "it's will be okay" list. I just adore gardening, especially all the flowers that can be snipped for bouquets. It also fits in with the 3/50 project. I also returned the lovely purse even though I really did love it. For Mother's Day though my hubby said I could buy the purse back or get a housekeeper for a good cleaning. I think I am going to go with the cleaning. Funny how things change as I get older. Now for the amazing things I won instead of having to buy...

{via Kotori}

First I won a beautiful cuff from Tonya the ever so sweet blogger over at Kotori. Mine is the gray one with the orange button. I just adore her and can't wait for her shop to open.

Second I won address labels from Sarah of Truly Smitten. I absolutely adore them. I had her put my husband's photography info on them and it makes everything look ever so special when we mail off the DVD's. I may need to get more of these soon. Also her blog is amazing, so much eye candy.

Although I did not win this lovely straw from GlassDharma, I did get it free with a $3 shipping charge. I got the straight straw and just love it. I used Rachel's lovely photo from Heart of Light, I just adore it with the lemons.

I feel like one lucky girl!

Shopping Hiatus {2}

{Just because I want them... via Twig & Thistle via Crate and Barrel}

The wonderful Aimee from Mostly Mod had a brilliant idea to extend the shopping hiatus we did earlier in the year till the end of the year. At first I was intrigued, but quite doubtful that I would ever attempt such a thing. Well, now it's official, I am in as of today. Okay so I actually told Aimee last week that I was in, but I made a few lovely purchases so starting this week sounds much better to me. Of course this hiatus will be a bit looser for me this time around.

1. I will buy gifts
2. We are hoping to tile the kitchen back splash this year
3. I will get my hair done
4. I will buy my kiddos clothes, but only when needed
5. I will buy fabric to sew
6. I will finish the garden
7. I love a good book, but don't worry I share them when I am done
8. I will probably purchase some calling cards in the near future, they are just so very efficient
9. If I am gifted money then I shall spend it happily (hint, hint)
10. If I do want to make new home purchases then they must be a superb deal and I must sell my old to make room for the new.
11. I may occasionally buy local or from an Etsy seller just to be supportive (I must be realistic, right?)
12. Oh, and vacations may not count. I will just have to see about that one.

Like I said it will be a looser hiatus. My goal will be to save, save, and save some more. Now just to get my hubby on board with his spending and we could do wonders to our account.

"Be okay with what you have."
Dave Ramsey (financial guru)

*Sweet Ellie is over at Blog Googles today. I just love morning surprises.