A Garden Wedding

This is one of the most amazing weddings I have ever been to. It was not only stunning, but the people involved are very dear to me and my husband. My husband had the pleasure of marrying them almost 1 year ago. The bride even lived with us for a bit when I first had Ellie almost 4 years ago. The wedding was held in the gardens of the brides home in Mississippi. The whole design was based on the beauty of nature. I am so excited that she is allowing me to share it with you...

{The pergola was especially built for the wedding by the brides uncle, oh and my hubby is the tall one.}

{This cake was for the grandparents 50th anniversary}

{Their engagement pics were done by the lovely Audrey Hannah out in Colorado where the couple currently reside.}

I absolutely love how this was truly a family affair. It really can not get any more lovely than this.

{photography done by Liberty Powers and Kelsey Freeman, family of the bride}