At the Beach: A Home

I would love to live at the beach. A dream that I will not let go of even if it really is quite impossible. Since I am dreaming I thought it to be only fitting to share where I would live, ha! Close to where we stay is Aly's Beach. It is a Mediterranean neighborhood that is Eco friendly all the way down to the building process. It reuses or recycles up to 75% of construction waste. It is beautiful and green, yeah! This could be my home... (well, if we had millions)

I know this post is incredibly long, but I could not choose which photos to show from this home. They are all so beautiful to me.

Where would your dream place to live be?
Update from the beach: My little man thought it would be fun to throw my blackberry into a pot of water. Needless to say my phone fizzled. I also found out my phone replied to many of your post comments. So sorry for any random e-mails you have recieved. I can't wait to visit you all when I get back next week!